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By on October 4, 2012 in Beer & Booze

We have tired almost all the best beers at Central now.  There are a few left but none in our preferred styles.  We did have to more beers to try from Huyghe brewery which I can’t even pronounce.  Luckily they give them easier to pronounce names.    They are Abbey style beers but not in the traditional Abbey style bottle. The first one was Delirium Christmas and it was very good.

The next we tried was the Delirium Nocturnum and it was so much better than the very good Christmas that we were shocked.  This is in the top five for sure and we both wondered how it would compare with the Roshefort 10 which we felt had a similar flavour profile.

So we had to order another Delirium Nocturnum and do a direct comparison.

When first served they were really way below the recommended serving temperature for this type of beer.  Initially I was favoring the Delirium Nocturnum in the taste comparison but as the beers warmed up more flavour came out and the Roshefort 10 was the winner.  Having said that the Delirium Noncturnum is an excellent beer and high on my drinking list.

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