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Beliefs Determine Our Health & Well Being

By on June 1, 2010 in Health & Wellbeing

Health And Well Being – It’s A Choice!

I have always been blessed with good health and have come to understand that this has been by choice.

For many years I attributed my good health to my genetic inheritance or as my parents’ generation would say, coming from “good stock”.   I had a belief that I had a healthy strong body that could fight off most infections and this has been my life experience.

In recent times medical science has espoused the idea that much of our health is predetermined by our genes which we have very little control over.  The media has been full of press releases about the discovery of genes responsible for almost every disease and undesirable physical trait we might have.  There is even talk of a “fat” gene being attributed to the epidemic of obesity in the West.

The idea that genes control or determine our health has never been scientifically proven yet has been repeated so many times and even printed in text books that most people accept it as fact. The latest medical research now shows that genes are totally passive with no intelligence and do not have the ability to self activate.

While most accept that maintaining a healthy diet and exercise contribute to good health they still perceive sickness is something that just happens to you as if dealt to you in a poker hand.  We are sold on the idea that our genetic makeup predisposes us towards certain illnesses that we have little or no control over. This has put many of us into a fatalistic ‘victim’ mentality where we look to medical science to correct the apparent mistakes of nature.

The reality is that genes do not control or determine our health.  It is the environment that controls or determines our health. To be more specific it is our perception of the environment.

Our perception or belief about our environment determines the internal signals we send to our body at a cellular level.  These chemical signals are the environment our cells perceive through receptors on the cell wall and they in turn cause a response which may involve activating DNA.

The choice we have is in selecting our beliefs and subsequent thoughts that shape our perception of the environment and ultimately the chemical signals we send throughout the trillions of cells that make up our body.

Good Health And Well Being
Is A Conscious Decision That
Each Of Us Can Make

There has been so much written and so many documented cases of individuals that with sheer determination and utter belief ‘they can’, have been able to heal themselves or overcome physical trauma that it defies medical science.  People told that they only have months to live go into spontaneous remission and are still kicking on twenty years later.  People paralyzed and told they would never walk again not only walk, but later play sports.

These cases are often referred to as examples of mind over matter but now the latest biological research is making the connection between belief and its physical manifestation in our bodies.   We now understand that our beliefs about our health and well being are paramount and it really is a matter of choice.

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