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English Ale And Another German Wheat Beer

By on October 6, 2012 in Beer & Booze

To broaden my beer eduction we stopped off at a bottle shop at Makro’s (exist in both Thailand and Philippines) and found a few more beers to try at home.

The first is Fuller’s London Pride.  This is a great Ale and a surprise as I realised this is my first real taste of an English beer.  I remember when i was much younger hearing stories of how in England they like to drink their beer warm.  Of course at that time my knowledge of beers was limited to Australian Larger’s and they do not taste good when warm.  With a good Ale the flavour comes out as it increases in temperature. Now I understand.  Apparently 90% of English people drink Larger’s many imported from Europe rather than their own wonderful Ale’s like this one.  Terrible mass produced tasteless beers like Fosters (Australian) and Heineken (Dutch)  are very popular.

Next we had the Hefe-Weissbeer brewed by Paulaner in Germany.  This is a wheat beer.  It was good perhaps better than Erdinger but not as good as Memminger or Franziskane.

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