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Enjoying some great beers while in Thailand

By on September 16, 2012 in Beer & Booze

Coming from Australia my exposure to good beer was limited. In the state of Victoria we had one large brewery that produced a range of largars and this was pretty well all you could get in my youth. Imported beers started to appear and even Belgium beer gardens with quality Belgium beers on tap. I remember perhaps a decade ago trying them and decided that the Leffe Blond was one of the nicest beers I had ever tried. While visiting Thailand in 2012 to attend a party I was introduced to good beers by another Australian of Dutch ancestry that is also a keen home brewer. I was really knocked out by the rich flavours of good Ale’s he got me to try and now I am a convert. Contrary to what the blog might suggest I am not really much of a boozer. I prefer to enjoy one or two really good beers than down half a dozen tasteless larger that the masses seem to prefer.

So while in Thailand I have been getting an education on good beer.  I have enjoyed drinking good beers from around the world for a number of years but really did not know much about them and the different styles.  Two of the guy I was staying on the boat with are really into good beers and we found a place with an excellent selection called the Wine Connection which is a short drive from the Pier.  A few nights ago I experienced a beer from Belgium that really surprised me with its rich delightful flavor.  It’s really a sipping beer.

The beer is called Floreffe double-dubbel
I recommend anyone that enjoys good beers try it

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