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HIV/AIDS Does Not Exist

By on November 16, 2010 in Health & Wellbeing

I just watched a movie called House of Numbers which explores the phenomenon of HIV/AIDS over the past 30 years and contained in the movie are claims that HIV/AIDS does not really exist. I was skeptical when someone referred me to this movie but after watching it I am now fairly sure that HIV does not exist, or at least a virus does not cause AIDS and there is no risk of any healthy person getting AIDS.

How could HIV/AIDS not exist you ask? The governments and health organizations of every country in the world has accepted the HIV/AIDS scenario and surely they could not all be wrong!  The media have been warning us about it for 30 years.

Before watching I was wondering if I would be expected to believe in some huge international conspiracy along the same lines of Elvis is still alive, we never landed on the moon, existence of lizard people etc.

The story that unfolds in House of Numbers is not one of a secret conspiracy but rather one of vested interests, flawed research, political agendas and greedy pharmaceutical companies.

The dissenters are not a bunch of fringe conspiracy theorists with alternative views outside of mainstream medicine. They include many PhD’s, Nobel Laureates and others qualified people in responsible positions.

The movie does not even set out to debunk HIV/AIDS but that is the logical inclusion any intelligent person would make after watching it.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

The very existence of the HIV virus is actually in question. The Robert Gallo lab in U.S. National Institute of Health claims to have isolated the virus and went public announcing he had discovered the cause of AIDS before actually publishing his results to the scientific community for evaluation by his peers. Luc Montagnier lab at France’s Pasteur Institute actually isolated the same thing before Robert but had not been as presumptuous as Robert in claiming any connection between what they believed they had isolated and AIDS.

There are multiple tests for HIV provided by multiple manufactures and they are inconsistent with NONE actually claiming to provide a definitive result as all tests require additional testing. After 30 years there is still no conclusive test for HIV yet medical authorities continue to break the “bad news” to people daily based on a single totally unreliable test.

Not only do the available tests vary from type to type and  manufacturer to manufacturer but also across national borders where different criteria are used in interpreting the tests.

Incredibly, “life style”, or a risk category assessment is factored into the results of most of these tests yet ironically this was rejected back in the 80s when it was put forward as a possible cause of AIDS.

As if that is not enough most people are unaware that there is ‘non-HIV AIDS’ meaning AIDS without the presence of HIV that has been reported since 1986. Some official statistics reported that 5% of the AIDS patients in the US have non-HIV AIDS and other some other sources report up to 2/3 of AIDS patients do not have an HIV infection. So apparently you can have AIDS without HIV. You would think this would at least weaken the claim that HIV causes AIDS but the various authorities and AIDS organizations still promote HIV as if it was the sole cause ignoring the existence of non-HIV AIDS and not allocating any of the billions of dollars into researching any others causes of AIDS and possibility of co-factors. All funding and current research works from the premise that HIV exists and causes AIDS – this is just bad science.

One must be aware that the HIV tests do not check for the actual presence of the “virus” but just certain anti-bodies and other indicators assumed to point to the presence of an “HIV” infection. The presence of these anti-bodies and other testing such as depleted T-cells may just indicate the person has been exposed to some infection that has nothing to do with the virus Robert Gallo claims to have isolated.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

What is AIDS anyway? In simple terms it means your immune system is compromised and you are you susceptible to just about any opportunist disease or bacterial infection that you become exposed to. There is no single AIDS disease in the way we think of any other diseases. No one actually dies of having AIDS but rather diseases or infections that the body is no longer able to fight. So AIDS is really just the condition of having a non-functional immune system.

In the early 80s an increasing number of homosexual men were dying from a range of diseases and the common factor seemed to be the complete failure of their immune systems. There was a lot of conjecture about what was causing this with speculation of a new gay disease.

Life style was suggested but rejected by most including the gay community who saw it as an attack on homosexuality. There was pressure on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the US to identify this new “disease” and its cause. The CDC had been in decline for the past decade and their budget had been slashed but now they had a new justification for its existence.

When Robert Gallo announced to the world press that he had isolated a Virus that caused AIDS naming it HIV this was the answer everyone one was waiting for and just about everyone immediately jumped on the HIV/AIDS bandwagon including the world media.

There were already a few qualified professionals expressing doubts about the announcement saying more research was required before such conclusions could be made but they were left standing in the dust and their voices unheard above the noise as the HIV/AIDS bandwagon hastily took off down the road with the world media onboard.

Soon they were so far down the road that to even consider they might have gone in the wrong direction was unthinkable. There were too many things at stake, too much time and money had been invested, too many careers had been made, too much money was being made!

The bandwagon has been heading down the same road now for 30 years and the Promised Land of a so called AIDS cure is not insight. Neither has the prediction of pandemic and global catastrophe despite the statistics coming out of the third world which are extremely suspect.

In the West the so called outbreak of AIDS is over. The proposal that the original outbreak was related to life style is now being revisited. The active gay lifestyle in the early 80 included multiple sexual partners numbering in the hundreds a month and sustaining that number of ejaculations depleted zinc and other substances from the body. Many active homosexuals were constantly taking anti-biotics to combat and even just prevent STDs. These also stripped the stomach of good bacteria that otherwise helped with the digestive process and the absorption of nutrients. Combine this with poor diet and excessive alcohol and other drugs and the body is already under attack. The catalyst is now believed to have been poppers – a nitrite­based inhalant. These became extremely popular the late 70s and early 80s and were heavily abused in the gay community. Poppers may well have been primarily responsible for large number of gay men presenting with compromised immune system in the early 80s.

The most amazing thing you will discover if you look into AIDS is that it is a very different thing depending where you are in the world. The definition of AIDS and diagnosis even changes when you go across the border from the US to Canada. There is no other so called disease in the world that does that.

In Africa people have been dying of diseases related to malnutrition and poor hygiene for many years but today there is a new AIDS umbrella under which all these people are being placed. Most of the diagnosis does not depend on any HIV testing whatsoever. Rapid loss of weight alone is enough for an AIDS classification. In location where diagnosis is difficult due to the lack of testing facilities and budgetary constraints a diagnosis of AIDS has become an easy option for local doctors who otherwise have not idea of what the real problem is.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the movie House of Numbers is the claim that the medications such as AZT were responsible for killing patients by further weakening the immune system where many of them might have otherwise fully recovered.

Perhaps in the next decade we will see the bursting of the HIV/AIDS bubble.

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