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Johnny Walker Scotch In Nice Boxes

By on March 4, 2013 in Beer & Booze

I have not updated this blog for a while.  I have not stopped trying great new beers just been busy on other things.

I attended a function recently and a bottle of a Johny Walker scotch I had not seen before was place on every table (followed by another and another and another…)

I like a good scotch and there are a few Single Malts which I prefer.  Generally I don’t bother with the blends but there are a few that are also very good.  I normally do not consider Johnny Walker to be amongst them.  Especially the Black Label.   When I grew up Red Label was common and Black Label was special. These days you hardly ever see any Red Label.  I don’t consider Black Label to be a good scotch.  I think its good for mixing only and these days I don’t do soft drinks so I don’t do many mixed drinks.

The two Johnny Walker scotch bottles that were placed on our table was very different from any others I have seen.  As far as a scotch goes it’s ok, but nothing amazing,  what is amazing is the packaging which I did not take a picture of.  It Very elaborate boxes.   Fantastic presentation in fact. The bottle are also very different from the normal Johnny Walker boxes.  In fact i thought it was a brandy when I first saw the bottle.

I guess one was meant to be better than the other but the difference was not apparent to me.  Perhaps the bottles of Premier came out after we had already finished a few bottles of the 21 and my taste buds were exhausted.  Both were relatively smooth.  I had it on the rocks.   I still prefer a good single malt



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