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Life On A Boat

By on September 19, 2012 in Beer & Booze

I stayed on the Ladyandaman party boat in Phuket for only ten days which is not much but a great experience.

The constant rocking is something that people are either comfortable with or suffer from sea sickness.  I am happy to report that I found it comfortable – almost calming.  Space is always a premium on boats and living quarters tend to be small on most boats.

This was my home for the ten days.  It is one of six identical cabins all with on-suite including hot shower.  The cabins are all air-con but only when the boat is running.  Other times you only have a wall fan but this is sufficient most of the time.   There was on hot and balmy night when i slept on the top desk with the sea breeze.

This is not the dance area and pole in the foreground but could also be used as such

The main area was the middle deck with its comfortable lounge area and long bar.  A larger LCD TV and sound system provided entertainment.  A small dance floor and pole was also a feature that had already proved very popular with parties of European tourists.

The weather is something to be constantly aware of.  I remember coming home one evening and walking to the end of the expecting the dingy to pick us up.   The weather turned fast.   It was a long way back to the car park at the end of the pier and the wind was so strong and the rain so heavy it was just not an option. It took effort to walk 500 metres to find shelter.

We found it in a new building that was near completion but not tenants have moved in.  We were soaked and the wind was biting.  The building offered some protection.  We were stranded until the weather changed. We slept on the stairs for about 3 to 4 hours before it was decided the boat could come in and pick us up.

As it approached it had difficult getting safely close to the pier but after 4 attempts we were safely onboard and heading out to calmer waters.


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  1. Blaine Evans says:

    I have heard so many stories about Thailand, especially Phuket, from some friends who have visited that country. Recently, my curiosity grew bigger upon seeing the sprawling white sand beaches and the magnificent beauty of the Pha Nga Bay online. What stirred up much of my curiosity is the James Bond Island and Kho Panyee which many people cannot really stop talking about. Since I was going through some various sites online about Thailand and Phuket, I came across your article about the Ladyandaman party boat. I was kind of wondering if how much is the rent for the whole boat itself and if it could take you to any destination that you want around Phuket. I’m pretty sure the sights there are breathtaking, and having a boat all to ourselves would really be great. We have already booked our tickets this November and there are about ten of us who are going.