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Living On A Boat in Phuket

By on September 6, 2012 in Travel & Expat Living

Arrived in Phuket A Few Days Ago. This is my first time in Phuket which is Thailand’s number one tourist destination.  The island of 540 square kilometres (about the size of Singapore)  has in excess of seven million visitors each year and accounts for 50% of Thailand’s tourist income.  As you would expect with such a popular holiday location the infrastructure on the island is very good.

I am here to attend the birthday party of a good friend of mine on which is to take place on a five day charted boat cruise around the islands.  What I did not expect was to be living on the boat as soon as I arrived. This is my first experience to live on a boat and I am enjoying it.  The boat is called Ladyandaman which is a clever play on words as it is based in the Andaman sea.

The boat has six air-conditioned cabins all with on-suite including hotwater.  The air-conditioning only operates when the engine is running so most of the time there is only a fan but so far only one night has been uncomfortably hot. On that occasion I slept on the very top desk with the ocean sea breeze.

The boat is the ultimate party vessel.  On the lower desk with the cabins is an air-conditioned lounge area with two large LCD TV screens and a big sound system.  The next deck is the real party area with a fully stocked bar and comfortable seating to lounge around on.  There is another large LCD TV and surround sound and a dance area. The top deck is for chilling out and really enjoying the view.

I will be staying on the boat until the 13th of September after which the boat is scheduled for some maintenance in dry dock.

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  1. Andrea Roach says:

    Me and my friends have been planning a vacation to Phuket. We have heard so much about this great island. I did a little research about the different hotels and resorts on the island and came across your article about it. I really enjoyed what you wrote about the Ladyandaman which would be a great choice for a more private party. We will be arriving next week in Thailand and will be going directly to Phuket. We will be staying at Blue Marine Resort and Spa at Patong Beach. Since we are yuppies we are so excited to go around and check out the hippest party places. That is why we booked our hotel in Patong Beach for we heard that the party in those places are just great.