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Magical Egypt: Episode One – The Invisible Science

By on October 31, 2009 in Society & Culture

Ep1-2Magical Egypt: Episode One – The Invisible ScienceReview of the first DVD – The Invisible Science in the Magical Egypt series by Egyptologist John Anthony West.

In the first episode John West revisits the unexplainable accomplishments of Ancient Egypt suggesting that there may have been an even more Ancient civilization that came before it. The accepted mainstream dating of Ancient Egypt has a sophisticated civilization suddenly appearing out of nowhere with no preceding foundations upon which it was built. What is even more surprising is that John shows that in many ways the old Kingdoms were more sophisticated that later dynasties and rather than evolving Egyptian civilization was in decline. The model is the exact opposite to what any anthropologist would expect to see.

There is also a discussion of the fiboacci number serious present in organic geometry and its presence in the stages of construction of the temple of Karnak – also known as the “House of Life”.

I watched the eight videos in the series over a two week period but I am now reviewing them from memory a few weeks later.


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