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By on September 27, 2012 in Beer & Booze

While in the Philippines one of my preferred imported beers has been an Erdinger Weiss which is a wheat beer from Germany.  For whatever reason it seems to be one of the most commonly available German beers in the Philippines.   I have tried another Weiss (wheat) beer that I like much more.

Memminger is now my favorite Weiss beer until another better one comes along. I still like Erdinger but this is even better in my opinion.

I mentioned already that San Miguel beer is readily available in Thailand.  Especially the SM Light which is especially popular with women and served with a piece of lime just like a Corona.  I suspect having a Latin sounding name is the basis for this practice but really lime or lemon can only improve the taste of SM light.  I was amused to see that a Thai version of Red Horse is also available but I have only seen in on the supermarket shelf.  Never for sale in any bar.

It is actually bottled for Thailand.  You can see that Red Horse is written in Thai.  Red Horse is not and never has been on my drinking list.  It is marketed as an extra strong beer to appeal to a macho self image many Pinoy’s have.   In my opinion it is not a good beer but it will get you drunk faster and I suspect that is one of its main attractions.


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