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My work desktop and my amazing computer resurrected from the dead

By on August 2, 2014 in Science & Technology

My desk top is a bit cluttered as you can see.  Do I really need 3 computers with five monitors?

Not really but two computers each with a second screen is perfect for my work.


The 3rd computer is my old Mac resurrected from the dead.  What an amazing computer it has been.  First it had a full glass of soft drink poured directly into it.  Amazingly it complained for a few days and then came good on its own accord.  Then it has been subject to various knocks and other abuse.  Next it progressed to drinking fine Belgium ale when in a freak accident beer was spilled in it.

The Mac repair centre declared it dead (can’t be repaired) but then went to Green Hills in Manila where for around $300 they repaired it including a replacement keyboard which had German keys.  Had a bit of fun switching that (the actual keyboard layout is different – not just the keys).

The mac worked fine after that for about a year and then it was accidentally hit against a brick wall and after that it hardly worked at all.  It would take 30 minutes to start (as opposed to the usual open the lid and its working in 10 seconds).  It was not charging anymore.  Certain keys were not working. It was basically unusable.

I was in Australia at the time so I put it aside and ordered a new one.  As soon as I arrived in the Philippines again I went directly to Greenhills and they opened it up and with half an hour showed me some corrosion that needed to be re-soldered and a capacitor that needed to be replaced.  They quoted me $35 for this work. Now i have a back up machine.

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