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SETH Speaks Review

By on January 3, 2010 in Society & Culture

I had seen many references to the SETH material and the book ‘SETH Speaks’ and decided it was time I investigated. I read a lot in my youth but these days I prefer audio-books and found an abridged version of the 1972 ‘SETH Speaks’ book to listen to. It was still about two hours long so I think I got a fair sample of the ideas of SETH.


I already understood that SETH was a non physical entity channeled through Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband Robert Bretts. I have an open mind when it comes to this concept having already listened to Ramtha channeled by J.Z. Knight and Abraham channeled by Ester Hicks, both of which I found interesting and positive.

We are first introduced to the idea that we are a multidimensional personality that creates our own reality. Nothing new here but well presented. The book moved on to reincarnation and how we do not have to fear death. We then get a detailed explanation of the process that occurs after death and how our beliefs in this world will determine how easily we can pass through to our next reincarnation and ultimately a spiritual being without any fixed form.

If we have a strong belief in concepts like heaven and hell then we can expect to experience those for a period of time after our death. It therefore seems that SETH is suggesting that not only do we create our own reality here in this earthly existence but also in the afterlife!

It was also explained that if we carry a lot of negative emotions such as hatred then we can expect to deal with that again in our next reincarnation until we learn to release them.

Next SETH moved on to religion and this was interesting to start with but, when he launched into a conspiracy theory about Jesus Christ not really being crucified but another guy was in his place and how this was misunderstood by his followers, he started to lose me fast. Not because I have any strong attachment to any particular version of a Jesus story – very much the opposite.

Had SETH said that the entire story of Jesus was a myth it would have given him more credibility for me but I just could not buy this detailed conspiracy story about Christ. He went on to say that this was actually already the second coming of Christ, with the first being the appearance of the Buddha and that he was due again soon and destined to first destroy and then rebuild the Christian religion.

The final part of the book introduces the idea of Reincarnational Civilizations and tells us about one that existed prior to Atlantis that is connected to our own. We learn how our ancestral civilization developed sound wave based technology and lived in man made caves deep under the ground.

We started off learning we were multidimensional personalities that created our own reality but we were next told that we are linked to past civilizations and locked into various “Dramas” beyond our control… ‘SETH Speaks’ just did not resonate with me.

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