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Talking to them is the secret

By on July 6, 2011 in Parenting & Education

Perhaps the most important thing you can do with your child is simply talk to them. By this I do not mean try to communicate at what some might think is their level and with “baby talk” but talk in much the same way you would an adult.

I observe so many children that are just the recipient of attention but no effort is made to involve them.  Parents just do things for them as they think necessary but because the child does not have a grasp of language or the capacity to understand what is going on the parent is silent or may actually refer to them in the third person.

If you want a great relationship with a child and want to speed up their development start involving them in everything that happens around them.  They may not understand the language and reasoning behind what is being done but if you are talking to them they will feel included and try harder and pay more attention which will accelerate their learning.


How young do you start this?  You should start before the child is born.  With my son Rex I would talk to him everyday while he was in the womb.  There was hardly a day I missed and when he was born repeating some of the phrases I used brought an instant sign of recognition to his face accompanied by a smile.


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