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The Death Of Darwanism

By on June 16, 2012 in Society & Culture

In a previous post I reviewed the book ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins and mentioned that he argued the case for Darwin’s theory of evolution. I found it surprising that any scientist and a biologist at that would still be promoting the theories of Darwin which have already been fundamentally disproven by the latest scientific research.


Irreducible Complexity

One cornerstone of Darwinism is that complex structures evolved and by his own assertion in ‘Origin of Species’ he said that if it could be proven that a complex structure could be found in nature that could not have evolved then his theory would be wrong. This is the concept of irreducible complexity. Michael Behe is a biochemical researcher and professor at Leigh University in Pennsylvania who has identified a number of such structures such as the bacterial flagellum. For more information see this article about Michael Behe on the IDEA Center site which promotes Intelligent Design as a scientific theory without any religious affiliations.

Natural Selection

Another cornerstone of Darwinism is the belief in random mutations resulting in natural selection. The idea being that random genetic mutations are continuously being introduced and those that provide the specie with some benefit or advantage in their environment are kept while those that do not are discarded.

This theory is also out the window with the latest scientific findings showing the real process to be almost the reverse of this. It is now known that DNA is totally passive and does not have the ability to self activate either intelligently or randomly. The mechanism for introducing any genetic change is purely environmental. At a cellular level, receptors on the cell wall detect environmental signals that cause a response in the cell which may involve activating DNA. There is nothing random about these responses. Laboratory tests have proven conclusively that when the same environmental stimulus is given to an identical group of cells it will result in an identical response every time. There is no random mutation and thus no natural selection.

Darwin Is Dead

‘In Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ Neitzsche announced to the world that the concept of God is dead. It is similarly time to announce the ultimate demise of Darwin and the theory of evolution.

It is said that we stand on the shoulder of giants meaning those that came before us. Darwin was not the originator of idea of evolution but built on the ideas from Lamarck and Wallace. Many of the foundations of his evolutionary theory are now disproven but that does not mean that Darwin deserves to be forgotten or ridiculed.

His ideas were revolutionary at the time and helped advance science and our understanding of life. Science is about testing and adopting working theories and using them until such time that they are disproven or superseded by a better one. That it has taken so long for Darwinism to be superseded is a testament to how important and influential it has been. Darwin deserves his place in history and to be remembered for his courage and conviction as a pioneer who cleared a path for others to follow.



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