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Time To Renew Visa For Thailand

By on October 2, 2012 in Travel & Expat Living

We have been in Thailand a month now and its time to extend the visa.  The two most popular options are to fly somewhere like KL in Malaysia or drive up to a place like Ranong and take a boat to Myanma (Burma) which has recently relaxed its boarders.  We have a car so thought why not.  Estimated to be a five hour drive we thought it would be a great opportunity to see more of the country.  Our host suggested that we take one of his English speaking employees as a guide so on Sunday morning we drove planing to spend a night in Ranong getting the visa done on Monday morning and then head back to Phuket.

After crossing over the bridge to the mainland I was surprised at the number of Mosques we saw.  I already knew that Southern Thailand had a Muslim minority but they certainly seemed to be in the majority as we drove to Ranong.  In particular the frequency of Mosques which were only a short distance a part.

We looked for places to have lunch but could not find any restaurants where food is prepared to order.  This was the absolute preference of my friend that is a bit paranoid about eating out of pre-prepared pots. In the end he had to accept the Thai style restaurant.  The food was great and inexpensive.   One of the things I like about Thai food is there will always be something else to try if you are a little adventurous.

We arrived in Ranong and after checking into a resort we had already researched on the internet we decided to go out and find a good seafood restaurant as Ranong is known for its seafood with a big fishing industry.  The place we found we excellent.  Ordering was a challenge even with our interpreter but our attitude is that even if what we think we are ordering does not come out we will be trying something new.  The dinner of three including three large bottles of beer came to just over 1000 baht.  Maybe half the price for the same back in Phuket.

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