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What If The Shit Is A Gift?

By on November 30, 2010 in Society & Culture

I went through a very traumatic experience in 2008 with an encounter with a psychopath and this caused me to reevaluate much of my life. I now see this experience as initiating my own search for truth within and today I am happier than I have ever been a feel a great inner peace.

I found a post on a blog by Don Barron that I could relate to and can now reflect back and see how the shit I went through was indeed a gift.

If you have or are going through some challenging times and life seems to be treating you unfairly then reflect upon the following ‘WHAT IF THE SHIT IS A GIFT”. Maybe its really serendipity in disguise…


What if the shit is a gift?

What if what’s going on right now in your life is the greatest gift you could have ever imagined, however there is no way for you to know it for at least 3,6, 12 or 36 months from now?

What if the heat of your situation is what is needed to hatch your dream?

What if ‘this’ hatches a passion within you that under any other circumstances you couldn’t have seen let alone embraced?

What if ‘this’ was is a game you play with yourself?

What if this become your best way to let go of what you no longer needed?

What if this is all a lesson in learning to trust yourself?

What if all this is simply to have you see what really matters?

What if this is your wake up call?

And what if you woke up? What would you be waking up from? What would you be awakening into?

What if you’ve been so focused on what might happen that you’ve blinded yourself to what is happening that’s great.

What if in truth this is a precious jewel wrapped in crap? Would you be willing to take the chance of getting your hands a little dirty in order to really find and recognize that jewel?

I am reminded of a quote by Nietzsche‘ that which does not kill us makes us stronger’ and today I feel like I have risen like the phoenix ,soaring above all the shit that was and looking down upon it and seeing it as something that has made me stronger.

There is still some shit trying to stick to me who goes by the name of Evan Iliadis but he has no idea how naturally repellent my new wings are. My Cyber stalker was known with many victims before me and many that have come after me. It is no surprise that he and the psychopath found each other and he has published the most sick and disgusting lies about me. There is no doubt that Evan has gone through his own shit in his life but the difference being his response was to integrate with it. I pity Evan and only wish him well, I hope he too can find happiness and peace of mind.


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