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Why Multiculturalism does not work

By on February 27, 2016 in Society & Culture

multiculturalism does not work
Multiculturalism is not simply the idea of letting other cultures into a country and benefiting from their contribution and being anti-multiculturalism is not the same as being anti-immigration or intolerant of other cultures.

I love the richness and diversity that migration has brought to Australia. I would not want to go back to the old Australia of my youth. I remember seeing the first southern European boy at school and he looked alien to me. That was how narrow and isolated Australia was.

Multiculturalism is the idea that they can fully retain their culture and live side by side the host culture. This does not work. Firstly most of the groups that have migrated have assimilated and at the same time enriched Australia. Filipinos for example have assimilated well into Australia. Most second generation Filipinos I know would consider themselves Australian first and embrace much of the pre-existing Australian culture as will as continues to retain and enjoy aspects of Filipino culture.

Most people think this is what Multiculturalism is. It’s not.

I will now need to put on my tin foil hat and say what I think is really happening.

Most people believe that multiculturalism and mass migration is the idea of left wing socialist types. Yes they support but they are also being fooled. There is another internationalist agenda behind it which is much more sinister.

Multiculturalism and mass migration is being promoted in the west to destroy the fabric of our society and bring about derision. Why? Because a people with a cohesive national identity are not easily controlled and stand in the way of the multi-nation corporations that want to rule the world. It’s the old divide and conquer. This is why we are seeing mass migrations of Muslims right now.

I am not anti-Muslim and don’t object to the presence of Muslims in the country but what we are experiencing is about causing so much derision in our own countries that we do not even see the bigger picture. A break down of society! Then the government can step in to enforce law and order.

There must be some degree of assimilation and acceptance by the newcomers of the culture and values of their adopted new home. Multiculturalism is a policy that rejects the idea of any assimilation and is creating no go zones and ghettos in Australia today.

I do miss the fact that when the family went out as a young child we would think nothing of leaving windows and the back door open. We could leave money near the front letter box for the milk man etc.

So you can be anti-multicultural without being racist or even opposed to migration.


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